Friday, November 26, 2010

Pastry school – week 8, baby!

Hello there, friends!

I cannot believe two weeks has gotten away from me! I was busy making bread, learning the secret Danish recipe, and baking croissants and pain au chocolat – I’m like a little French Patisserie over here!

Yesterday, I tested a new muffin recipe with my good friend, David Chow. We made blueberry, raspberry, strawberry explosion muffins topped with cinnamon and sugar (yes, I did say and mean explosion – I kept begging David to let me add more fruits – he relented somewhat easily: I have a great pouting face when I want something - just saying). They were quite delicious, I have to say!

I also had the pleasure of learning all the cuts of beef from a cow carcass this past week – such a fun exercise for a vegetarian, don’t you think? In my fundamentals of cooking class, we focused on plating and presentation, as well as timing and putting multiple dishes together at one time. Stressful? Somewhat. Educational? Very!

I also gave my very first cooking lesson last week! Thank you to my lovelies, Coco and Pamela, for being my first clients. We made mango salsa, quinoa paired with avocado, dried cranberry, toasted almond salad, and crepes for dessert. I had such a great time, and cannot wait for the next lesson! You never know – it could be with YOU!

Well, I’m off to plan a menu to test – feel free to send me messages asking about cooking lessons, catering, being a private chef, and suggestions on things you have always wanted to learn how to make – I have a network of great chefs at my disposal who would be delighted to help me learn a new dish or technique that I can impart upon you!

I wish you a glorious day, filled with all the love you can fit in your hearts and then some!

Love always,


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