Friday, October 22, 2010

Pastry School - Week 3!

Hello, friends!

This marks week 3 of pastry school – yahoo! I learned all about stocks and sauces (want a killer Hollandaise sauce? See me in my kitchen!), vegetables (I’m gonna make you LOVE spinach!), foodborne illnesses (and how NOT to give them to you), and employability skills in the industry. 

In addition to school, I have been focused on job hunting, starting Delectable You – the business (I am a portable bakery and private chef), building a website, creating a generic business card (yes, ladies and gents – I now have my very first business card….EVER! This is a momentous occasion! Check it out below!) and baking for a charity event I am participating in tomorrow called Pinups for Pink where I will be auctioning off a private cooking class for 4 people with yours truly! 

I learned a lot about balance this week. I just barely managed to fit my work outs and sleep time in. Hm…

This week, I needed to be reminded to slow down, to take time to stop, breathe, look around, and enjoy this wonderful life I have. Greenday was right: time grabs you by the wrists, and directs you where to go. If you let it, life will move at lighting speed. You risk missing out on the magical little things that make the big things worth it if you don’t take time to just stop and be. Feel the wind in your hair, experience the sensation of the blood rushing through your veins - so lucky to be alive!

Someone I love recently told me that the grass in greener where it’s watered. I’m going to take his advice, and do just that – I’m going to give my body some much needed sleep! Sweet dreams, friends. May your dreams and lives be filled with love, happiness and laughing until you pee!



  1. So happy that things are working well for you! Miss you tons. xo Megs

  2. Congrats Lauren! This looks fantastic - Good luck...I'm now following your blog! great way to see you succeed...every step of the way ;)